My expectations of 2019

¤What do you expect?

From this year I expect having a big improvement as a person and academically since last year I felt that I could do more.

¤What are your dreams?

My dream is to make happy the people that I care about and the other way about, people that care about me. As well, as I am keen on studying psychology, I am looking forward to make my patients happy, try to make them feel what I felt when I am happy. I believe that this can be achieved by love. If you give no love to anyone, you will feel empty and deppressed. If you give pleasure to other person just for the way they look, too many times, you may start losing your feelings. I am not saying that you don’t have to give love to anyone or give it to everybody. Under my perspective, you have to give love to the people that are around you, that make you laugh and that help you.

¤How are yoy planning to spend yor last year at school?

I am planning to try and not get any subject on December and have fun.

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Una respuesta a My expectations of 2019

  1. Pat dijo:

    I agree with you Martín!!
    What can be more important than love!!!
    You´ll have a great year!!

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