Reflection on the E-Portfolio

This year I learnt to try to apply things from this subject. I used to think that poetry and literature itself was just some people who wrote good stories. Then I realized of the true message from these writters.

I liked all the subjects since most of them made me think. But I think the message from “Ode on Melancholy” really got me. The poem itself is complicated because of the old vocabulary and expressions but the message really got into me.

My favorite activity was this one, I think that it made me grow as  a person.

I didn’t enjoy writing essays beacuse I started getting hate from them since there it is a point in which I am so tires that I can’t colse ideas or try to make coherent phrases.

I believe that I can learn better by doing more of this once you truly understand yourself, once you start thinking.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    You are such a mature person!! You have definitely grown up and it can be seen in your essays, your opinions, your portfolio, etc.
    I am glad to have witnessed this change and I hoped you have felt my company.
    If you can truly understand yourself, you´ll achieve great things in life.
    It is a pleasure to be your teacher!!

    • manania dijo:

      Thank you Pato! I have felt your company through this portfolio which made me grow and really go deep into myself. As you could see, Canserbero did helped me in this rough time; I believe that I could transform that sadness into internal growth thanks to his songs, this reflecting time which I had while making this and people that sorround me. I now feel that my “internal / mind growth period” has ended (at least for now), it will be hard to see myself again. I appreciate your ability to see my change, I think you will be very filled when you see it on Benja! I believe you are a great teacher, I am really looking forward to next year!

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