Soldiers, rest! + Dulce et Decorum Est + War Poetry

“Soldier, rest!” and “Dulce et Decorum Est” are war poems, both deal with the innocent lives lost at war. This made me think about not only aobut the fact of politicians using common people to solve their problems but about the wasted lives and dreams that those soldiers could’ve lived. Maybe they weren’t going change the world but, obviously if you put yourself in their shoes, it would be very hard. Not only in the soldier’s shoes but being a person really close to him and the family. Going back to the politicians, I believe that if the son of the president or minister of any country, who hasn’t got any future, is recluted for the army (in the case it happens, because it will never) and gets killed, probably, that war happenning would end or there it would be a conmemoration everyday on the TV as a national chain. Meanwhile, just common people with much more lucrative future and posibilities are killed for nothing and nothing is done about it. No national chains or conmemorations everyday, just the day the war ends and the anniversary of the war, they would be remembered. If it is a war between politicians, just ruin your future and the one of your descendace; do not involve people who doesn’t care.

It may sound a little revolutionary and weird but I tried to write as I think and while all thoughts come into my mind

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Your thoughts reminded me of a legend we read in Junior 6: The Dragon and St George!!
    Do you remember?

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