Ode on Melancholy

This poem deals with Melancholy as presented in the title. The poem explores how after a deep depression or sadness a feeling of happiness, peace and plenity will awaken.

I linked this poem with the song “Mañana será otro día” from Canserbero. In this song Canserbero tells the story of him being with this big anguish and depression in a bar. He was about to commit suicide until an old blind man sat next to him and told him all the beautiful things about life; Tyrone was able to recognize that he was not apreciating life at all, a man who lacked what he had, had described perfectly the pleasures of life. Then the rest of the song tells how to live life in a correct way under Canserbero’s perspective. It may seem as a very idealized song but at least for me it has been a very good help once you start recongizing all the factors which make you happy and complete with the ones that produce this melancholy and sadness.


Lyrics: https://www.letras.com/canserbero/manana-sera-otro-dia/


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  1. Pat dijo:

    I can see you are a fan of Canserbero!
    A lot of songs in this protfolio!!

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