The Destructors

The story “The Desctructors” deals with a gang of kids who are affected by the post war crisis. In all this mess, insecurity and prejudices, they destroy completely the only house which wasn’t affected by the bombarding of the war. While we were reading the story in class,  I reflected on how a war or a bad experience can change the naturality of the human being. These kids were very strange, from a nowadays point of view, this war made them sort of mature in a certain way because they were very careful in the relationships they made; for example, when the character “Old Misery” gave them some candy. When this happened, the kids started doubting about wether they were poisoned or spoiled. Nowadays, this would be different, the kids would ‘ve simply taken the candy and eaten it without any prejudice. Luckily, I and our country haven’t experience such a war like the Second World War, so I don’t know if the kids where taking the right decisions, I believe that if I were on their shoes, I would be acting almost the same way as them.


While writing this, I remebered the song “Y en un espejo vi” from the artist Canserbero. The song narrates the story of his life, in a part it says

El niño que ya ha crecido por capricho del destino 
recordó muchos caminos, vive solo con rencor, nada sueña 
ni dormido, no confía ni en sus amigos, porque sabe 
que el camino fue creado pa’ el león

Y con una coraza va, va, va, y todo en blanco y negro ve, ve, ve, 
En un espejo un día lo vi, y me dijo con su voz: 
¡Booh! ¿Qué tal es verte a mi?


Tyrone (Canserbero), was going through a rough time since his elder brother had been killed by a friend. He was still a kid, so it made me remember the kids from the story, he wasn’t old enough to understand what he is going through, just as the destructors. “Y con una coraza va” this phrase symbolises that he wasn’t mature enough to think or trust anyone, as well it represents the pain and suffering he was going through. Also, it deals with the “ignorance” of young kids. It is connected to the destructors because the kids are blinded by the war and unconciously, they don’t act normally as I before mentioned.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Hey!! I love this phrase: “¡Booh! ¿Qué tal es verte a mi?”
    It is so hard to look at ourselves sometimes!!
    Thanks for teaching me!!

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