The Hollow of the Three Hills

“The Hollow of the Three Hills” is a story that deals with a woman who gives her life in exchange of listening to the voices of people she loved, like her family, husband, lover and child by meeting with an old witch in the hollow of 3 hills. This story makes me think about how the witch can be represented with death. Maybe, the young woman committed suicide and the witch, as death, before dying, comes to make her listen and say goodbye to the loved ones. This could have make her done it or think about it again, that she had a lot to  live and experience. Going back to the witch as death, in the story it describes her as old, we can say that death is also old because it has been there sonce the first living human appeared. Death is a consequence of life, where ever there it is life there it will be death. No one is really aware about how valuable being alive is and they are more worried about the end rather than the present, the people around them and the love they receive. People are afraid of living in a way because of the fear of their judgement day. They are mostly tormented about what is going to happen next and they are blind to see what IS happenning around them.

While writing this, I remembered a song from a Venezuelan rapper called “Canserbero” and a song called “De mi muerte” which about talks death; the message of the song (at least from my point of view) is to try and “exploit” life, no matter who is watching or critizising you; just do what you like, and be you because if not, you won’t achieve what you wish, maybe you will but it will be hard and it may not fill you, it won’t make you happy. I believe that when he says “¡Para!” it symbolises not only a stop to what it was happenning, but, it is also a change and something new. Generally, people are afraid of changes and may be sometimes confused and not be able to understand the situation. That is why I believe that he isn’t able to recognize himself even when he has already seen himself millions of times in the mirror when he was younger; further more, he doubts about this really happenning.”al caminar lamente irme de este mundo amargo sin terminar la misión por la cual ando penando la cual se trata de cantar lo narrado por el anciano aquel que al yo morir nunca será escuchado y dije ¡Para!” I strongly believe that the ending “¡Para!” symbolises that he really learnt about this experience, even though he was under the effect of alcohol, he understood his objective in life which was to express himself and transmit a message, he really did with all the songs he wrote and the messages that they give I believe that he could accomplish his objective. Obviously I didn’t know him but if he is telling this, and you analize his charcter, it can be seen that he really achieved this message. At first the song and the beat is a bit strange, but then as he starts telling deep things it gets better. I recommend listening to it with lyirics, I believe you can get the message and connect more with the song:

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Great work on this gothic story!!!
    Congrats Martín!!

  2. Patricia Chujman dijo:

    Can you enlarge on your comment on the song?
    Quote and explain!!

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