The Lady in the Looking Glass: A Reflection

In the class, we read the story “The Lady in the Looking Glass” by Virginia Woolf. This story shows how a person can hide all the problems one has inside. In this case, the woman being described is  superficially described as a sociable person who writes a lot of letters to her friends, additionally she has a luxurious house; so it can be supposed that she has a lot of money and that she is very happy. Our perspective changes completely when the narrator tells what he sees in the looking glass. Strange things are described and by al this we can reveal the truth behind this mysterious woman. She had a lots of problems and she was having a hard time. Those letters were really ones from debts. Here, it can be seen how peolple can have masks and hide their real problems instead of being brave and get through them. Maybe, in her mess she should try to look for someone who can listen to her and help in this difficult moment. But most importantly, stop faking, she should start accepting her problems and it will be better for her, I am not saying that she should tell what she is going through to everyone but, she doesn’t have to pretend that everything is allright. I can connect this story with the Ted Talk which gave Ignacio Maestro Malek on “Realidad vs Boliche” he talked about how people in discos pretend the everything is okay without caring about the problems they really have.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Great connection to Malek´s TED Talk!!
    Next time, ask Malek to give you the talk so you can quote him!!

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