My Reflections on Literature this year + Rooms and Home is so sad

In our Literature class, we are going to work with an E-Portfolio, here, I’m going to put all the work I’ve been doing on poems or stories relating it with anything, it can be a movie, an idea that I have or anything, while it is connected.


In class, we read the poem “Rooms” and Home is so sad” this two poems deal with something personal like a room or your house. What I thought of this is how can someone can be in his room all the time not socializing, spending in his time on whatever he wants. Or how can someone hate home and always wants to be outside of it. I believe that it is always good to try and do something different because if not the routine becomes stressing and boring; but no one can resist the pleasure of staying at home doing nothing, like watching a series or movie, sleeping or just relax and reflect on something like this. Anyways as I said before, it is always good to try or do something new something out of the routine, maybe go and eat something with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Very interesting reflection!!
    Being with friends is good for the soul!!

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