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Virtual Period – Sex hormones and puberty

Activity 2) In girls, oestrogen and progesterone is produced, and these cause the secondary characteristics. In boys, testes produces testosterone which begins the development of secondary sexual characteristics. 3)  4) FSH: Stimulates the follicles tp produce eggs. LH: In males it produces … Sigue leyendo

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My Reflections on Literature this year + Rooms and Home is so sad

In our Literature class, we are going to work with an E-Portfolio, here, I’m going to put all the work I’ve been doing on poems or stories relating it with anything, it can be a movie, an idea that I … Sigue leyendo

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Rooms by Charlotte Mew

In our Literature class, Pato, told us to do the activity of her blog in pairs. I did it with Otto; here is hat we did. Activity 1: Activity 2:

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