“Face” Bullying Poem

In our Language class we worked in groups to make a poem on bullying and other terms,  I worked with Gonzalo and with Benjamin. here is what we did:


I don’t like being bullied,

that makes me feel stupid and lonely.

I know that I am strange,

but there is no reason to punch me in the face.

Never have I had friends before,

but there is no reason to ignore me no more.


My teeth aren’t perfect,

neither my cloths.

I have nothing to lend you

Not even my phone.

I would like to be your friend,

I want to have someone to play with.

I know that I’m different,

But we both like Aerosmith.


Do you know how hard it is

to arrive everyday at school

and be welcomed with a push

and a “What’s up, fool”?

It makes me feel useless and dumb

for not following the latest trend,

it also makes me think that this agony

will never see an end.


The constant rejection

and physical abuse,

the vocabulary they use

saying I look like a dumb moose

always feeling in the blues,

they say I’ve got no clue

of what I’d have to wear today,

both clothes and shoes.


For them it’s become a lifestyle

or maybe it’s more like a routine,

they talk about my body:

skinny teen in my genes.

A guy from senior year, he’s eighteen

and also a serious bullying machine.

What’s crazy, if you think about it,

is that I’m only fourteen.

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