In our Literature class we read a story called “Tyres” by Alan Thorpe. We analyzed it, so here is what we did:

(page 404) Key Movement

Now, they can see that war is near!

War is really happening in front of thir eyes!


Love and war get interconected (page 404-405)


*He feels reflected on the body of a young boy (son of a butcher’s)


*Point of no return

*He finally feels involves/touched

(page 405) •Description of the “act”

•Full of emotions

•The narrator feels alive! ≠ Endong (page 407)


Voice:  ¤ A narrator telling his memories (a flashback)

Tone: ⍟ Sad/depressing

⍟ Romantic

⍟ Guilty ——> He couldn’t go gon

Dead-alive: ✪He is alive but dead inside

Narrator: ♦Feels guilty

♦Senseless life


♦He never got out of it

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