History presentation

In our history class, we divided in groups to present topics from Nazi Germany. My group presented Hitler’s ascense and consolidation. We did a VoiceThread as if some of us were Hitler and we asked him question on how he got to the power. I did it with Flor, Gon and Sil.

As I don’t have access to the VoiceThread I wil put my partner’s post on this:


Also, Martín Leguizamón came to our school to talk about his experience of his visit to the concentration and extermination camps. He told us many stories of people like a goalkeeper from Wales and talked us about Shoá.

We went to “El Museo del Holocausto” where we took pictures of many things. There we listened to the testimony of a concentration camp survivor who is now alive but with dificulties to walk.

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  1. Lenny dijo:

    Good work overall, Martin.

    It’s a pity you don’t include your opinion on any of the different activities we did. Your post in only descriptive.

    Why don’t you have access to the Voicethread you did with your group?

    6.5 (Six fifty)

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