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Bank robbed in Valencia

                      On Spain, Valencia, the most important bank of the city was robbed the 14th of July at 4:00 pm. The muggers arrived on a black van and they came out with weapons as the cameras showed. They were 5.

First, they opened the door and pointed with the gun to the security man. Following the 5 muggers entered the bank, two of them took the hostages to a room.There were in total around 36 hostages. The other 3 looked a way to open the safe box were all the money was. One of the hostages pressed the emergency button and inmediately the police went there. The police tried to open the door to the bank but they couldn’t, so they started negotiating with the muggers. It is believed that the muggers hadn’t opened the safe box, so they told the police that they were not negotiating yet. Once they opened the safe box, they told the police to negotiate.

Still the muggers are negotiating with the police. The muggers threatened with killing the hostages, but still they haven’t killed one. The hostages are dehydrated and without food, it is possile that in a few hours the muggers let go the hostages.

203 words.

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