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Today, some people of the Pacific Ridge school from California, United States came to our school. We exchanged many things: they can’t go home to eat lunch and we can, they go to school by car and almost all if … Sigue leyendo

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Booktube: Games at Twilight

Our teacher Dani, told us to do a booktube on the book that we chose for the lending library. Here is my work:

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Crime Report

Our teacher Pilar told us to search for a crime reprt, make a brief summary of it and look for 3 new words on it. Here is the crime report and next is what I did: This crime report is … Sigue leyendo

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Abyssian Crisis

In our history class Lenny assigned us work to do:   1)What was the Italian Empire like by 1930? The Italian Empire was from what is now Italy and what is now Libya. Also they were looking foward to Ethiopia. … Sigue leyendo

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Passion Essay with Senior 1

Our teacher Pato told us to do an essay with Senior 1. I made it with Tomi Braun and Alvaro Ballesteros. Here is what we did: Essay question: “Explore how the writer of “Passion” uses nature to express how she … Sigue leyendo

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An Astrologer’s Day Presentation

Our techer Pilar told us to do a presentation in groups about “An Astrologer’s Day”. I did it with Otto and Francisco. Here is what we did:

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Trabajo Práctico de Formación Ética

Nuestra profesora María Laura Nasjleti nos dió un trabajo práctico para hacer en grupos. Yo lo hice con Lucas, Otto y Benja. Acá esta lo que hicimos: Trabajo de Formación Ética grupo 1 from Martin_AnaniaLC

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