My favorite holiday photo

In our Writing & Oral class our teacher Dani told us to choose our favorite holiday photo and give a presentation about it. Here is what I did:

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4 respuestas a My favorite holiday photo

  1. Flor claps dijo:

    Martín, i liked your presentation, your language was clear although you got stuck sometimes, it was well organized and also complete. I learned you go to carilo every summer, i didn’t know that!

  2. lcampion dijo:

    Hi Martin I liked your presentation, I know that you go to Carilo every summer, so it wasn´t so enjoying for me because you always talked to me about it.

  3. sblasco dijo:

    Martin, I really enjoyed your presentation, it was very organized and I learned that you go to Carilo every year.

  4. sbraunurien dijo:

    Martin, I loved your presentation although it wasn´t so very clear. It was very organized and all the summers you go to Cariló.

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