Dialogue “The Escape”

In our language class our teacher Pilar told us to do a dialogue that could’ve happened on this story. The we had to do a Piaxton or a Voice Thread, I chose Pixton this is what I did:

Create a scene (dialogue) that could have taken place in the story “The Escape” 10-12 exchanges. Post in on your blog.


Ruby: So, how are we going to do it dear Patsy?

Patsy: Me don’t know maybe I will leave at 3:00 AM…

Ruby: If not I am going to face him and defend you and your rights

Patsy: Don’t be like that Ruby let’s think another thing.

Ruby: If not just change the time of his clock so he wakes up later than usual

Patsy: Hmm, good idea but let’s try something more..

Ruby: Like what!?

Patsy: Me don’t know maybe just…

Ruby: Just what!?

Patsy: Just leave…

Ruby: No! Imagine what things that man could do to you! You won’t be able to even get out to buy!

Patsy: Well if not I thought of leaving while he is working and you can help me by taking care of the kids.

Ruby: It is good but when he arrives he will met me and the kids and he will take me out of the house and punish the children.

Patsy: That’s right so, let’s go for changing the hour of the clock when he is not at home

Ruby: It has to be at night if not he will realize of the change.

Patsy: If not when he’s sleeping I change the hour like 1 or 2 hours.

Ruby: Yes that’s right!

Patsy: Well Ruby thank you for your idea. Me will see you tomorrow!

Ruby: You’re welcome all the best for you and your lovely kids! See you tomorrow!

Patsy: Good-bye!



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