“An Inspector Calls” (in progress)

The play has three acts which all take place in a dinning room of a suburban house.

The background:

It was written in 1945, and the time period of the story is 1912. Priestly was against Capitalism and in the story Arthur Birling is shown as a capitalist man. The story is set in the Edwardian Era, were there was prosperity for the middle class and industrialist. But also, the working class was discontent which led to strikes.

The characters:

  • Mr. Arthur Birling Father: He is very money minded, he thinks the titanic is unsinkable and that war was not coming. As Priestly reflects capitalism in Arthur we can say that he pays poor wages and earns a lot of many.
  • Mrs. Sybil Birling Mother
  • Sheila Birling Daughter
  • Eric Birling Son: Loves drinking. The black ship of the family.
  • Gerald Croft Sheila’s fiancée: He is a liar, he told Sheila that he was very busy with work when he was actually having an affair. He is part of the upper class, and that is why Arthur wants him to marry her daughter, it meant more money.
  • Inspector Goole
  • Eva Smith
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