The Imposible Scene

Our teacher Pilar told us to write a news report on Tsunami of the movie “The Impossible”. Then we had to write as if we were one of the vitims of this tsunami. Here is the news report:

December 27th 2004        Tsunami strikes Thailand coasts


Yesterday, a big tsunami hit Thailand causing between 230,000-280,000 deaths.


This calamitous tsunami produced between 230,000 and 280,000 deaths from poor and innocent people, and all this occurred at 00:58:53 AM. Its magnitude was of 9.1 that is very high and it is the second most powerful magnitude from the 10 magnitudes that exist, its type is Megathrust and its depth was of 30 km.

tsunami effectThis the effect of this devastating tsunami on Thailand.


As every tsunami, is generated by a previous earthquake that was in Sumatra, the scientifics call it the Sumatra–Andaman earthquake.Nowadays this is the 3rd strongest tsunami that happened, the most powerful tsunami was in 1960 with 9.5 magnitude.


Now Thailand people are being evacuated from its home until new advice.We know that many people had died yesterday, so we wish them luck.


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Now I’m going to put my writing as a witness:

Writing as a witness

December 26th of 2004 6:35 PM

Dear diary,

      today really bad things happened here on Thailand, a big tsunami came and destroyed everything. Me and my brother can’t find mom or dad I have hope that we will find them soon, very soon. Now my bigger brother went to look for help, because we are hurt, I can’t walk because a big piece of wood hit my right leg, and my brother Sam can’t move his left arm, we both believe that he has broke his arm.

If someone founds this please go to the hospital near the “Easy” supermarket because we are going there when Sam comes back if he finds someone. My name is Han, I tell you this if for some reason I loose my diary.


Well, this was my day which I think I will never get out of my mind…
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