Letter Writing

In our writing & oral class our teacher Pilar told us to write a letter to a friend that didn’t pass the A-Level exam:

Dear Alex,

      I am going to tell you that you are not a failure, all persons can do things wrong , you are a unique person, none does all things right, you can do exams again and prepare them better than when you did them wrong.


Don’t give up, I can’t think of you don’t passing a single exam, maybe the marks that you got aren’t that low you, you can do this don’t give up nothing is impossible, everything is possible. I remember when you said to me that you got a 10 on business that is what you are studying now,I remember that that exam was a very difficult exam you were one of the only people in the class that passed and you were the highest mark, I felt happy for you and I’m still proud of you.


Don’t give up you can make this.

                           Your friend,


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