“The Prison” Activity

In our literature class Pato assingned us some work to do in the Slideshare on “The Prison”. We could do it in pairs so I did it with Vignesh and Silvestre

Tony Castelli he was almost 30 years old and he had to set up, he was an American with Italian parents, who came to America In the 1920’s after the 1st World War.  At the age of 29 he married Rosa who changed his name to Tommy to sound more American, her father and his arranged to marry, then he tried to leave to Texas but he failed and got back (he was doomed). Rosa’s father gave Tommy a job in a candy store. His life was a screaming bore he felt in a mental prison. One day he saw a nine year old girl stealing candies, he saw himself reflected on the girl (Epiphanic moment). He feels guilty because he thinks that the girl when she grows up she will be like him, a robber. So one day he decided to say to the girl that stealing is bad, but he backed down. Then he kept on thinking but he never acted. Once he put pennies and candies and the girl took the candy. Then he understood that she was a little girl who only wanted sweets. Then he decided to put a letter in one of the chocolate bars, saying that she should stop stealing because it would come back one day to her and he signed the letter as “your friend”. But the girl didn’t show up during his shift. But when it was Rosa’s shift, and the girl came and stole one chocolate bar, Rosa found out, she grabbed the girl by the neck and shook her while she was punishing her. Tommy with the noise came down. He beat Rosa and asked her why was she hitting the girl, she answered and Tommy said he gave her the chocolate.

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