The Paris Peace Conference

Today in our history class, Lenny assigned us work:


1) War guilt.Explain the arguments FOR and AGAINST this term.

2) Which term followed War Guilt? How much would it be today? What consequences/impact did it have on Germany?

3) Why were the victors planning to prevent a future war with Germany in the Treaty?

4) What territorial losses did Germany have to face? What happened to the German colonies? What did Wilson dislike about this?

5) Which new nations were created after WW1?


1) For:

  • Germany was responsable for the war outbreak because she declared war on Russia and on France.
  • She was preparing for war because she had mobilised troops to Belgium before she declared war.



  • Germany didn’t start the war because there it was the killing of the Archaduke Franz Ferdinand, and then A-H (Ausria-Hungary) declared war on Serbia.

2) The term after the “War Guilt” was the “Reparations”. Two  years ago a days it would be $400.000.000.000 (four hundred billion  dollars) in 2013, but Germany finishes paying $ (six billion dollars) also in 2013. The impact of this huge amuont of money was that  weakened a lot of Germany’s economy.

3) The countries that won the war didn’t want another war with Germany, because, she reduced the number of soldiers to 100.000.

4) The territorial losses that Germany had to face were the independence of Poland and the colonies. What hapenned to the German was that they became part of the allies. Wilson didn’t like this too much because he didn’t support the idea of passing the clolonies from one empire to their allies, he wanted the colonies to have self determination.

5) The new countries formed were Austria, Hungary, Bosnia, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Croatia, Slovenia.

Then Lenny told us to do a dialogue as if we were the Peacemakers, but first do it in a Google Document. I id it with Rosario and Santiago:

This is the VoiceThread of the Treaty of Versailles that I did with Santi and Gon. (Gon took Rochi’s place because she could not come with us to do the VoiceThread)



  • Did you feel you learnt more than if you had studied this from the book?
  • What did you personally enjoy about the project?
  • What would you change from this project if  the class from Senior 1 next year were going to do it again?


1) Yes, I felt much more secure of what I was saying while recording this.

2) What I enjoyed most it was recording because you can laugh if someone makes a mistake or if there is any noise at the back.

3) I would not change anything I think It’s a good idea.

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3 respuestas a The Paris Peace Conference

  1. Agustin Bravo dijo:

    Hi Martin, I really liked your dialogue.
    I really like the manner in which you express the different ideas of the peacemakers, but I think that when you talk of the points that Lloyd George does not like, you have to be a little bit more detailed, and say which the points he does not like are. There is a moment in which Wilson is talking, which says that they do not have to be so harsh with Germany, and that phrase has some mistakes, for example: “but and”. I also liked that you included the League.
    To conclude, I think you made a great job, I liked all the words you used, and you have very few mistakes, but some of them make difficult the understanding. My mark for you would be an 8.

  2. Lenny dijo:

    Where’s the recording, Martin?

    You’re also missing the feedback on the task.

    Complete your post ASAP, please.


  3. Lenny dijo:

    Good work, Martín!


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