Michael Morpugo Interview

Out teacher Laura assigned us homework. Here it is whhat I did:

I: Interviewer.   M: Michael Morpurgo

I: Hello Michael! How are you?

M: I’m fine and you?

I: I’m well, can we start with the questions?

M: Yes, of course!

I: What was your inspiration to write this book?

M: I wrote this book because men who had been on the battlefield told me how was it, also people told me the use of horses on WW1 and I didn’t want to write on one side or the other I wanted to write it on both sides.

I: What do think Steven Spielberg’s movie?

M: I believe that he had done a very good movie and that he had taken the best from the play and from the book and put it into a movie. I love the way he can tell stories.

I: Does the people on your village liked it?

M: Yes! They love it! Actually it is my wife’s favorite book, also my wife really likes reading.

I: What do you think about what the national theater had done with the play?

M: You know, at first I was in doubt if I had to let the National Theater let do the play or not and I asked Philip Pullman to let them do it or not and he told me: “They know exactly what to do” so I let them and it was great.

I: Why did you ask Philip that?

M: I asked him because the National Theater had done this with a book from him called “His dark Materials”,  and also he is a very good friend of mine. He also wrote “The Golden Compass”.

I: Why do you like the book after the movie?

M: I like it because it talks about the place I live and as I had told you earlier the people living there love and still love it.

I: Well Michael, that were my questions for you today and thank you very much!

M: I thank you for having this great time with you, and goodbye!


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  1. Maria Laura dijo:

    told me for what horses were used on WW1 and I didn’t wanted to write on one – GRAMMAR
    about of what the national – PREPOSITION
    Why did you asked Philip that? – GRAMMAR

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