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This year I learnt to try to apply things from this subject. I used to think that poetry and literature itself was just some people who wrote good stories. Then I realized of the true message from these writters.

I liked all the subjects since most of them made me think. But I think the message from “Ode on Melancholy” really got me. The poem itself is complicated because of the old vocabulary and expressions but the message really got into me.

My favorite activity was this one, I think that it made me grow as  a person.

I didn’t enjoy writing essays beacuse I started getting hate from them since there it is a point in which I am so tires that I can’t colse ideas or try to make coherent phrases.

I believe that I can learn better by doing more of this once you truly understand yourself, once you start thinking.

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Soldiers, rest! + Dulce et Decorum Est + War Poetry

“Soldier, rest!” and “Dulce et Decorum Est” are war poems, both deal with the innocent lives lost at war. This made me think about not only aobut the fact of politicians using common people to solve their problems but about the wasted lives and dreams that those soldiers could’ve lived. Maybe they weren’t going change the world but, obviously if you put yourself in their shoes, it would be very hard. Not only in the soldier’s shoes but being a person really close to him and the family. Going back to the politicians, I believe that if the son of the president or minister of any country, who hasn’t got any future, is recluted for the army (in the case it happens, because it will never) and gets killed, probably, that war happenning would end or there it would be a conmemoration everyday on the TV as a national chain. Meanwhile, just common people with much more lucrative future and posibilities are killed for nothing and nothing is done about it. No national chains or conmemorations everyday, just the day the war ends and the anniversary of the war, they would be remembered. If it is a war between politicians, just ruin your future and the one of your descendace; do not involve people who doesn’t care.

It may sound a little revolutionary and weird but I tried to write as I think and while all thoughts come into my mind

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Ode on Melancholy

This poem deals with Melancholy as presented in the title. The poem explores how after a deep depression or sadness a feeling of happiness, peace and plenity will awaken.

I linked this poem with the song “Mañana será otro día” from Canserbero. In this song Canserbero tells the story of him being with this big anguish and depression in a bar. He was about to commit suicide until an old blind man sat next to him and told him all the beautiful things about life; Tyrone was able to recognize that he was not apreciating life at all, a man who lacked what he had, had described perfectly the pleasures of life. Then the rest of the song tells how to live life in a correct way under Canserbero’s perspective. It may seem as a very idealized song but at least for me it has been a very good help once you start recongizing all the factors which make you happy and complete with the ones that produce this melancholy and sadness.



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The Destructors

The story “The Desctructors” deals with a gang of kids who are affected by the post war crisis. In all this mess, insecurity and prejudices, they destroy completely the only house which wasn’t affected by the bombarding of the war. While we were reading the story in class,  I reflected on how a war or a bad experience can change the naturality of the human being. These kids were very strange, from a nowadays point of view, this war made them sort of mature in a certain way because they were very careful in the relationships they made; for example, when the character “Old Misery” gave them some candy. When this happened, the kids started doubting about wether they were poisoned or spoiled. Nowadays, this would be different, the kids would ‘ve simply taken the candy and eaten it without any prejudice. Luckily, I and our country haven’t experience such a war like the Second World War, so I don’t know if the kids where taking the right decisions, I believe that if I were on their shoes, I would be acting almost the same way as them.


While writing this, I remebered the song “Y en un espejo vi” from the artist Canserbero. The song narrates the story of his life, in a part it says

El niño que ya ha crecido por capricho del destino 
recordó muchos caminos, vive solo con rencor, nada sueña 
ni dormido, no confía ni en sus amigos, porque sabe 
que el camino fue creado pa’ el león

Y con una coraza va, va, va, y todo en blanco y negro ve, ve, ve, 
En un espejo un día lo vi, y me dijo con su voz: 
¡Booh! ¿Qué tal es verte a mi?


Tyrone (Canserbero), was going through a rough time since his elder brother had been killed by a friend. He was still a kid, so it made me remember the kids from the story, he wasn’t old enough to understand what he is going through, just as the destructors. “Y con una coraza va” this phrase symbolises that he wasn’t mature enough to think or trust anyone, as well it represents the pain and suffering he was going through. Also, it deals with the “ignorance” of young kids. It is connected to the destructors because the kids are blinded by the war and unconciously, they don’t act normally as I before mentioned.

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The Hollow of the Three Hills

“The Hollow of the Three Hills” is a story that deals with a woman who gives her life in exchange of listening to the voices of people she loved, like her family, husband, lover and child by meeting with an old witch in the hollow of 3 hills. This story makes me think about how the witch can be represented with death. Maybe, the young woman committed suicide and the witch, as death, before dying, comes to make her listen and say goodbye to the loved ones. This could have make her done it or think about it again, that she had a lot to  live and experience. Going back to the witch as death, in the story it describes her as old, we can say that death is also old because it has been there sonce the first living human appeared. Death is a consequence of life, where ever there it is life there it will be death. No one is really aware about how valuable being alive is and they are more worried about the end rather than the present, the people around them and the love they receive. People are afraid of living in a way because of the fear of their judgement day. They are mostly tormented about what is going to happen next and they are blind to see what IS happenning around them.

While writing this, I remembered a song from a Venezuelan rapper called “Canserbero” and a song called “De mi muerte” which about talks death; the message of the song (at least from my point of view) is to try and “exploit” life, no matter who is watching or critizising you; just do what you like, and be you because if not, you won’t achieve what you wish, maybe you will but it will be hard and it may not fill you, it won’t make you happy. I believe that when he says “¡Para!” it symbolises not only a stop to what it was happenning, but, it is also a change and something new. Generally, people are afraid of changes and may be sometimes confused and not be able to understand the situation. That is why I believe that he isn’t able to recognize himself even when he has already seen himself millions of times in the mirror when he was younger; further more, he doubts about this really happenning.”al caminar lamente irme de este mundo amargo sin terminar la misión por la cual ando penando la cual se trata de cantar lo narrado por el anciano aquel que al yo morir nunca será escuchado y dije ¡Para!” I strongly believe that the ending “¡Para!” symbolises that he really learnt about this experience, even though he was under the effect of alcohol, he understood his objective in life which was to express himself and transmit a message, he really did with all the songs he wrote and the messages that they give I believe that he could accomplish his objective. Obviously I didn’t know him but if he is telling this, and you analize his charcter, it can be seen that he really achieved this message. At first the song and the beat is a bit strange, but then as he starts telling deep things it gets better. I recommend listening to it with lyirics, I believe you can get the message and connect more with the song:

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The Lady in the Looking Glass: A Reflection

In the class, we read the story “The Lady in the Looking Glass” by Virginia Woolf. This story shows how a person can hide all the problems one has inside. In this case, the woman being described is  superficially described as a sociable person who writes a lot of letters to her friends, additionally she has a luxurious house; so it can be supposed that she has a lot of money and that she is very happy. Our perspective changes completely when the narrator tells what he sees in the looking glass. Strange things are described and by al this we can reveal the truth behind this mysterious woman. She had a lots of problems and she was having a hard time. Those letters were really ones from debts. Here, it can be seen how peolple can have masks and hide their real problems instead of being brave and get through them. Maybe, in her mess she should try to look for someone who can listen to her and help in this difficult moment. But most importantly, stop faking, she should start accepting her problems and it will be better for her, I am not saying that she should tell what she is going through to everyone but, she doesn’t have to pretend that everything is allright. I can connect this story with the Ted Talk which gave Ignacio Maestro Malek on “Realidad vs Boliche” he talked about how people in discos pretend the everything is okay without caring about the problems they really have.

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“The Destructors” by Graham Greene


I worked with Otto Kreutzer:

Comprehension questions:

  • American gangs are usually more violent and are involved in criminal stuff like drug and gun dealing. Their enemies are people from a close neighborhood that fight for being better than the other one.
  • The centre theme is that the people at the post war aren’t able to trust anyone, no matter how kind and good he is. These people want to let everyone know about their suffering.
  • Firstly, Trevor enters the gang and the rest of them want to initiate him, through this, they wanted to make fun Trevor. The second problem is when Trevor and Blackie are fighting for the leadership of the gang. At this moment, Trevor tries to show that he is better leading the gang, and wants to prove that his plans are more interesting than Blackie’s plans. The third and last conflict starts when they are about to destroy the house and “Old Misery” appear earlier than expected.
  • The setting of the story is that the story is on a post-war situation where people were very insecure about everything; they weren’t able to trust anyone. So when they meet Old Misery, who is kind, from a higher class and his house isn’t destroyed they can’t stand that he isn’t suffering.
  • At the end of the story, the gang is able to destroy the house by locking Old Misery in the loo. When he was able to get out, he saw his house destroyed. We believe that Graham Greene has ended the story like this because no one can escape the suffering from the post-war.
  • From the POV of the gang, the destruction of the house was not senseless as they couldn’t understand how a house survived the blitz without getting any damage while momñny their houses were totally destroyed and they were forced to move house. Then, as a reader we think that the destruction of the house is senseless and that it is just a kid’s prank which went out of control.
  • “Nihilism is the belief that all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated. It is often associated with extreme pessimism and a radical skepticism that condemns existence. A true nihilist would believe in nothing, have no loyalties, and no purpose other than, perhaps, an impulse to destroy” In this definition we can see Nihilism as a very pessimistic point of view about world and life in general. We can see this attitude in kids gang and their behaviour and destructive impulse
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Biology Virtual Period – Cell Division: Mitosis and Meiosis

A) The purpose of meiosis is to is to reduce the normal diploid cells.

B) Meiosis takes place; in male animals, in the testes and in females in the ovaries.



E) No, they cant because they have a nucleus.

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Biology Virtual Period – Female Reproductive System



What is fertilisation?

Fertilisation is the process of the male and female gametes to form a zygote. In our case (humans) the male gamete has to fertilize the female gamete.

Where does it take place?

It takes place in the female reproductive system, more specifically in the Falopian Tubes.

Implantation and Pregnancy:

What is implantation?

Implantation is the adherence of a fertilized egg to a surface in the reproductive tract, most of the times in the uterus.

What is the placenta?

The placenta is “temporary organ” which permits the mother give nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. Also, it alows the fetus to release carbon dioxide which willl be expulsed by the mother.

How long does gestation take place in humans?

Gestation lasts 40 weeks, after these the embryo is called fetus so, gestation is over.

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Dulce et Decorum Est

  1. In the Literatuee class, Pato left us some questions on her blog to work in pairs. I worked with Otto Kreutzer, here is what we did:

Task 1:

First Stanza


2) In the first stanza it is described how the soldiers were going from trench to trenches. He uses the word “blood-shod”  which means that the soldiers were walking with boots full of blood. The emotions expressed are, fatigue, depression and shock.


3) “Bent double, like old beggars under sacks”


4) The shells were disappointed because they represent the dead soldiers left behind and the exhaustment of the soldiers who survived.


Second Stanza


1)In the second stanza, the emotion changes when someone warns the rest of the soldiers about a gas bomb. So, they run for their lives, with no matter of the fatigue described in the first stanza


2) The soldiers were fumbling because of the weakening work they were doing, they could not walk properly. Also, they could be failing to hold their guns properly because they were “out of gas”


3) “As under a green sea, I saw him drowning.”


Third stanza


1)The length of the third stanza indicates a shift in time as the narrator relates how many years after the war he still recalls this traumatic event. This makes emphasis. ln how the impact of the war is felt for many years. In addition, this stanza is short because of what it represents to the writer, no one wants to remember horrible things which caused you a big emptiness and depression


Fourth Stanza


1)The main emotion of this stanza, is that the soldiers were treated very bad, the narrator feels used, like a slave and that if he dies, no one will remember him or what he did.


2) One part affected by this gas, is obviously the lungs, this gas difficulties the respiration. The eyes because is difficult to see and lastly the tongue.


3) It refers to the contrast in this simile that highlights how youth, innocence and their dreams are destroyed by war.


Extension question:

  1. We liked the poem because it tackles what really happens in war that we are not able to see. The emotions in this poem are very present when in the fourth stanza, it says that the soldiers were devastated by war, were treated inadequately for the hard work they were doing for their country and that they were going to be forgotten by people. What the poet is trying to express is that we have to realize what is really happening at war and that we have to give more importance to the soldiers that fought in wars.


Task 2

“The Death Bed” and “Soldier Rest!” Are poems which talk about war and how it affected the soldier’s life; from traumas and frightening memories to the inevitable death. In the first one, water is symbolized as death because it is mentioned as something that is really near him. Also, a big contrast is made because first images of light, birds and nature are described, but then, all of a sudden, it starts raining which means water, which means death. Afterwards, the soldier starts thinking about what he could have been, and finally he dies.

In the poem “Soldier Rest!”, the “rest” for the soldier is the end of the war for him. Then, he thinks about how everything will be as before the war, but he doesn’t know all the horrible thoughts and feelings that will remain of this unpleasant experience


Task 3

“Men who march away”

“England’s need are we;

Her distress would leave us rueing:

Nay. We well see what we are doing,

Though some may not see!”

“The Soldier”

“If I should die, think only this of me:

That there’s some corner of a foreign field

That is for ever England”

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